I have never been the person who goes out : John Abraham

Not much has changed for the actor post lockdown

Entertainment Desk May 09, 2020
Bollywood superstar John Abraham in an interview with Hindustan Times talked about how the lockdown hasn’t change his lifestyle much. “Honestly, someone joked with me that ‘John’s life in quarantine and outside of quarantine is practically the same’! (laughs) Barring my motorcycle rides, I have never been the person who goes out, so I am really not finding this period very difficult.,” he said.

The Welcome Back, star went on to talk about how he is proud to never have been dependant on social media to stay relevant. “As someone who is not wholly dependent on social media- and I say this with a lot of pride today- neither looking at social media to influence my actions, what I need to do, or validate what I am doing, I feel a sense of liberation there,” said the 47-year-old.

Additionally, Abraham discussed how he and his team are re-evaluating their approach towards content. “I have been reading voraciously, non-stop. I am sure we would all say ‘watching, streaming and chilling’. But, I have been reading more than watching. I am in touch with my team constantly, in the process of creating good content. We are seeing it from a different scope today. The language of filmmaking is also going to change partly, so here’s a new normal today. I think things are changing,” the Dhoom actor shared.

On how he plans on distributing his content, Abraham admitted that they hadn’t figured it out as of yet. “I am just creating content, we will see what we need to do in terms of platforms. Right now, it’s a good time to sit back. There are things I have never done in my life, and that’s doing nothing. This is the first time, and I make no beans about it, there’s no shame. I am sitting back and reflecting on life. It’s good, I think. There’s a lot being done whilst I am doing nothing, a lot of thinking,” he said.

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