Bludgeoned to death for making sexual advances

Attacker arrested, to be presented in court on Monday.

Umer Nangiana August 01, 2011


When Zameer* fell silent, Murad* thought he had only fallen unconscious. It was not until the morning -- when the administrator of the seminary in F-6/1 came to wake them up for Fajr prayers -- that it became evident that Zameer had died.

Upon enquiry, Murad admitted to beating Zameer up with a rod for making sexual advances towards him at night. One blow of the rod hit Zameer in the head and he fell to the ground.

“Murad thought Zameer was only unconscious and would be alright in the morning,” the administrator told the police. “He was terrified and did not know what to do,” he added, saying that before picking up the rod, Murad said he had tried to dissuade Zameer many times.

Zameer’s body was taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for autopsy, after which it was handed over to his family in Chakwal. The postmortem established that the blow on the head was the fatal hit -- Zameer died of internal bleeding in his unconscious state, police said.

The police added that Murad was arrested and booked for murder after he confessed to killing his 16-year-old roommate. They added that the rod was also recovered from the room.

The investigation officer said they found no evidence to suggest that Murad was lying or making up a story. “Neither were there any signs that any one else was involved in the murder,” said the police official.

He added that the 16-year-old Murad will be produced before the court on Monday to obtain a judicial remand, after which he will be sent to Adiala jail to be locked up among adult prisoners, as there are no separate cells for juveniles.

*Names changed to protect identity

Published in The Express Tribune, August 1st, 2011.


Mirza | 10 years ago | Reply

Without knowing all the facts it is clear what is happening in madarsas. It is parent's duty to take care of their kids and protect them from every predator. If the parents would not perform their duties then these unfortunate things would keep happening. Unfortunately the parents are busy reproducing like animals without even thinking about the kids and their future. They conveniently leave the upbringing to the others and God. To all the parents, please do not leave your kids with anybody including close friends and family members especially during the night. God made you responsible for their wellbeing and nobody else.

MH | 10 years ago | Reply

It's hard to say what should be done unless one question is answered. That question is: what exactly were the actions that he claimed were "sexual advances?" That accusation can fall under the category of personal opinion and there's also a chance that a person mistranslates the smallest things as advances. Some people can sometimes even consider words as sexual advances. That's where the concept of "leading you on" comes from in the dating world. Sometimes people who accuse it are just flattering themselves as well.

He's probably telling the truth. But, that thing called proof is a really inconvenient technicality that's usually required. Most people who kill someone have a habit of bending the truth in their favor with the bonus of the other person not being able to defend themselves, being dead and all.

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