Adnan Siddiqui as Wolverine is the best thing you’ll see

Fans are calling on the actor to give Hollywood a shot

Entertainment Desk May 04, 2020

It appears that actor Adnan Siddique using lockdown to unleash the creativity of his children. The Meray Pass Tum Ho actor recently posted a picture of himself as X-Men's Wolverine.

In the caption Siddiquie revealed is son as the brains behind his new look. "This is the best time we can spend with our kids, how about letting them use their creativity on you and share some pictures?
Here’s Zayd’s depiction of Wolverine (X-Men) on yours truly. 😂
Master Zayd, making his debut in direction, styling, hair and photography. Liked his debut?" he said.

Using pens and pencils as makeshift claws with his hair gelled up, Siddique's rendition of the evergreen character was appreciated by fans and peers alike.

Designer Frieha Altaf, along with actors Aijaz Aslam and Zahlay Sarhadi appreciated Siddiquie's new look.

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Similarly, fans were also psyched to see Siddique's rendition of Wolverine with some telling the actor to give Hollywood a shot.



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