Saba Qamar shares the time Irrfan Khan praised her in an interview

The late 'Hindi Medium' actor had revealed how Saba was called to star in the film after he saw her online

Entertainment Desk May 01, 2020

A clip from a May 2017 interview of the late Irrfan Khan surfaced sometime after his death and was shared by actor Saba Qamar on her Instagram.

The celebrity commemorated him online by sharing several pictures from the time she worked with him on Hindi Medium.

The clip showed a presser during which a fan asked Irrfan about his experience of working with Saba in the filmIn response to this, Irrfan revealed how Saba was shortlisted for Hindi Medium and what he thought about her as an actor and a person.

Irrfan started off by saying, "We were looking for someone spicy, someone with a sense of humour and who, aside from being beautiful, can act as well. So this combination was hard to find."

He then commented on himself in an underwhelming manner while addressing the way the industry works. "And I'm not such a great star myself that any heroin would instantly want to work with me. We have stars like that but not everyone is sitting around waiting for people like me, so we have to go look for our counterparts ourselves."

Irrfan then recalled how he stumbled across Saba and she was then called in for the film. "I came across Saba's video on YouTube and I thought she's great, she has something in her. So I took that video to the filmmakers and Saaqid loved her. He asked to make a call to her after which she arrived and did a wonderful job."

In the end he just complimented her humility while reflecting his own, "She's a star there and she's simple, quite simple."

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