Rishi Kapoor wanted Ali Zafar to play his younger self in a film

The 'Channo' singer shared his experience of working with the Bollywood giant in 'Chashme Baddoor'

Entertainment Desk May 01, 2020

Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor passed away on Thursday morning after battling leukaemia for two years. Many tributes poured in for the late actor from around the world.

Recently, Ali Zafar, who had worked with the legendary actor in the Bollywood film Chashme Baddoor, shared a heartfelt note for the star.

"My first childhood memory of Rishi Kapoor was the song Jeevan ke din. The lyrics resonated with me and I imagined myself singing it one day around a piano the same way he did," Zafar wrote as a caption on a post with few glimpses from the film.


"But I never thought I would one day be dancing with the great man himself on a film set," he said. "I still remember the feeling I had when I was about to shoot my first scene with him in the film Chashme Baddoor."

The Channo singer continued, "We met in Goa on set. Given his stature, he had no airs and graces about him, a thorough gentleman and a professional. We would chat about music and art and he was curious about Pakistan. One day he made me try Goan prawn curry that he was very fond of, which I love till today."

Zafar went on, "When I found out that I would get to dance shoulder to shoulder with the legendary dancer, in the title song of the movie, I could hardly believe it till I saw myself standing on a table dancing with Rishi Kapoor himself. It was like being in a movie within a movie. At that age with an injured knee, he danced like there was no tomorrow. That’s how I remembered him for years to come."

The Kill Dill actor also revealed that Kapoor wanted him to play his younger self in a film he was thinking about making.

"One day I was most touched when he told me that somehow he saw his young self in me and would like me to play him in his youth in a movie he was considering," Zafar said.

"One night I saw him in my dream and told him so. He was most thrilled, most gracious and in high spirits and asked how grown up my children were now. I can see him now just as I saw in my dream. Happy, healthy and dancing... and that’s how I remember him. RIP Rishi Sir."

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