Lilly Singh gets Twitter-trolled for alleged 'cultural appropriation'

The talk show host came under fire after singing in a West Indian accent

Entertainment Desk April 29, 2020

Popular Indian-Canadian comedian, YouTuber and talk show host Lilly Singh recently came under fire for 'cultural appropriation' after posting a video of herself singing in a West Indian accent.

She coupled the video with the tweet, "A classic dancehall tune! Badman Forward remake and this time, it’s for the ladies. No matter your size, shape, colour, orientation, preferences or style, this one is for you, sister. Tag every badgal you know! #GirlLove."

Clearly, the actor meant for the video to be pro female but it ended up being taken in bad taste.

"I really don't understand why you thought this would be a good idea...," tweeted one user while another wrote, "She doesn’t care. She does it all the time and is constantly asked by communities to stop."

It seems that this isn't Singh's first 'tone-deaf' video.

"Sis... you are zero parts West Indian. I know your intentions were probably good but this is tone deaf and inappropriate. This isn’t for you," one disgruntled fan wrote.

Not to mention, Singh's own community did not appreciate the attempt either. "Did the South Asian community get together and decide to embarrass us today?" questioned one user. "I am no longer a brown girl," remarked another.

It seems the TV personality missed the note on cultural appropriation and hate comments poured in from everywhere.

"I hate you so much! You made it so easy for white people to make fun of desi accents and now you’re messing with other people’s accents/language..." another user said angrily.

Singh is yet to comment on the matter.

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