Ushna Shah makes appeal to save stray dogs in emotional video

In tears, the actor questioned humanity after watching a dog being brutally killed in Karachi

Entertainment Desk April 29, 2020

Television actor Ushna Shah recently uploaded a video narrating a distressing incident of animal abuse in Karachi that she came across online.

Crying before the camera, the actor confessed this was her second attempt at making the video considering how overwhelmed she was. She addressed her followers post-sehri early in the morning after watching a video of a dog being shot and left to die in a town in Karachi.

Trying to hold back her tears, she said, “I just saw this viral video of a dog. He was sleeping next to a building and someone was filming him from above. Then, a security truck stopped by, and guards stepped out, shot the dog near the hind legs and left,” she said.

Shah continued to relay how the poor dog died a slow, excruciating death. "It kept yelling and screaming in pain until it died and there was blood everywhere. Everyone was just watching him, the person filming the video was also just watching and no one came forward to help or euthanise him. They kept on watching a speechless creature suffer and die in pain,” remarked the actor.

The actor added that if the dog was pestering someone in the society, then he may have suffered abuse himself. "Animals only attack for survival, territories or self defense. They don’t attack unprovoked. Only humans do that,” Shah stated angrily.

She further recalled how so much was being said about the evils that may have caused Covid-19 to consume our world today. Shah believes that this may also be one of those evils. "Everywhere across the country, people are torturing and killing animals heartlessly. There is also a misconception that the coronavirus has spread because of them. But animals were abused irrespective of the virus as well."

Shah added how instead of killing the creature, the people could have been sent to ACF (Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation). He could have even been euthanised, spayed, neutered or just been given to an animal organisation. "But they chose a single bullet to end it all,” she lamented.

In the end, the starlet questioned the lack laws against animal abuse in Pakistan concluding that, “if this is humanity, then I am really ashamed of being a human."

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