Pakistani celebrities mourn the loss of Irrfan Khan

Actors including Shaan Shahid, Zara Noor Abbas, Imran Abbas, and Sajal Aly have paid their respects

April 29, 2020

Film actor Irrfan Khan's sudden passing at the age of 53 left fans and peers of the veteran shocked. Not only have his Bollywood compadres have lamented over the loss, members of the entertainment fraternity in Pakistan have also taken to social media to pay their respects to the late actor.

Lollywood veteran Shaan Shahid praised Khan's work while also saying a prayer for the fallen actor's family. "A sad news indeed, my prayers for his final journey. May his soul rest in peace. May Allah grant him Jannah and give his family saber(patience). A fine actor Who’s work will be remembered by the generations to come," he said.

Actor Imran Abbass went on to deem Khan's passing a loss for the entire arts community. "Rest in peace the legend Irfan Khan!! You will surely be missed forever. Since art has no boundaries, we can feel the pain and are equally grieved by your sudden demise. May Allah bless the departed soul. Undoubtedly, we all belong to Allah all mighty and have to return to Him," he said.

Sajal Aly shared a picture of Khan on her Instagram while praising his work in the caption. "Shocked and sad! What a brilliant actor he was.
Rest In Peace," the caption read.

Similar to her sister, Saboor Aly also posted a picture of Khan on her Instagram. "Kisi ne theek kaha tha. Achay log jaldi chalay jaatay gain (Someone said it right. Good people leave early," she said in the caption.

Likewise, Zara Noor Abbas paid her tribute in pretty much the same manner. She wrote a line from the track Jaane De from Khan's film Qarib Qarib in the caption. "Wo Jo tha Khawaab sa, Kya kahain jaane de," the caption read.

Others such as Ushna Shah, Armeen Khan , Bilal Qureshi and Meesha Shafi also mourned his loss.

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