I tremble before saying or writing anything publicly now: Hamza Ali Abbasi

The actor has developed a fear of being held accountable for his words

Entertainment Desk April 28, 2020

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently tweeted something totally at odds with himself as he went on to relay his now enhanced fear of God.

The actor admitted that he used to be very loud outspoken but isn't anymore. He went on to tell his fans that even the very feeling of wanting to express something makes him tremble now.

Clearly, the Alif actor would rather bite his tongue than utter a single word that could be held against him by the Almighty. In his tweet, he wrote, "I used to be very outspoken, very loud. As I get close to Allah, all of that has vanished. Now I tremble and think a million times before I say something publicly."

Abbasi added, "Every word I write, I know I will be held accountable by the king of all kings, my creator, my God, my Allah."

Several responded to this with some users supporting Abbasi for his mindfulness.

Others, however, continued to call him out for his earlier tweets and outright response to controversies while blatantly picking sides.


Some even dragged in the time he supported designer Maria B when she and her husband were accused of sending their Covid-19 positive cook back to his village, instead of reporting him to the authorities.

Nevertheless, it seems that Abbasi has decided to practice self control and refrain from tweeting as often as he did. Of course, that does not mean his fans want to hear from him any lesser.

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