Shaniera Akram donates anti-bacterial soap for Covid-19 relief

The social activist has stressed on proper hand hygiene being necessary to curb the spread of coronavirus

Entertainment Desk April 25, 2020
Social activist Shaniera Akram like several other celebrities is doing her bit to help effectively manage the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan. Akram recently took to Twitter to talk about hand hygiene where she also announced her continued donation of antibacterial soaps to various NGOs.

"Poor hand hygiene is the biggest culprit behind the spread of infections and viruses. Hoga Saaf Pakistan and I have been working to emphasize the importance of good hand hygiene, and as a part of our mission, I will continue the donation of Dettol soaps to Aik Naiki and NSRP," she said.

Recently Akram had spoken up against all those violating the current lockdown in Pakistan.  “Im hearing of people catching up with friends, many playing cricket on the street, kids at other kids houses, families walking with other families,” she said.

The social activist then urged people to not violate the lockdown and stay inside their homes. “We are getting frustrated and bored,I get it. But we are in the eye of the storm people, don’t be fooled!” she added.

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