Zameen’s parent group EMPG procures Kaidee: Thailand’s leading online marketplace

The recent acquisition comes with a number of opportunities to learn and grow for both parties
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EMPG is a dynamic online property portal group, which is not only exceptionally prominent in the MENA, as well as South Asia regions, but also owns and operates myriad property verticals and online marketplaces in emerging markets such as Bayut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Bproperty in Bangladesh and Mubawab in North Africa. It is also the parent company of Pakistan’s most popular property portal,

Recently, in February 2020, EMPG announced the acquisition of Thailand’s largest online marketplace Kaidee. With headquarters based in Bangkok, Kaidee was founded in 2011 and quickly rose to fame as the prime online marketplace in Thailand. The EMPG group mainly replaces traditional processes in emerging markets by introducing solutions that make the online marketplace experience faster, easier and simpler.

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According to EMPG CEO Imran Ali Khan, “Thailand is one of the most exciting, dynamic markets in Southeast Asia, and its real estate and auto verticals are some of the largest in the region.” Amidst the population of about 70 million Southeast Asian people, the portal boasts a strong brand and sizeable traffic figures, and features more than 30 different categories of goods and services.

He added that “Kaidee has a rich history in Thailand, and has built a very strong brand on the back of extraordinary focus on technology and connecting consumers. And so, with a very consumer-driven and localised approach, we look forward to investing significant resources to take the business to the next level.”

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C0-founder EMPG and CEO, Zeeshan Ali Khan welcomed Kaidee into the group ecstatically by saying that “EMPG is a quickly growing family, and we are happy to see Thailand’s top marketplace join its ranks. This acquisition comes with a number of opportunities to learn and grow for both parties, and capitalising on them is going to be very important. We look forward to stepping into the broader marketplace dynamic, and in turn hope to impart significant experience on the real estate vertical side,” he added.

Kaidee’s CEO Tiwa York while welcoming the popular online marketplace group, said that “EMPG is at the forefront of the global online marketplace industry and has grown to prominence given its focus on providing localised solutions to each market in which it operates. This acquisition will allow Kaidee to accelerate its plans to provide market-leading solutions to Thailand across all of our verticals.”

Joining the list of Kaidees’ esteemed Board of Directors, Imran Ali Khan and the group’s senior executive Mark Nosworthy are optimistic that the future endeavours indeed, shall help them reach new heights.


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