Irfan Junejo gets star struck as Zakir Khan joins him on a live session

The vlogger revealed that the Indian comedian's work has touched him on a deeper level

Entertainment Desk April 21, 2020
The lockdown situation across the world, has resulted in artists from different regions collaborating with one another via social media. Pakistani and Indian artists have been collaborating a lot lately, something which appeared rather impossible a few months ago, due to the political tensions in both countries.

While cross border Instalive sessions were for the most part held by musicians either in the form of a mini jam session and discussion, it appears digital influencers and comedians are also actively bridging the gap between the two countries.

Vlogger Irfan Junejo, recently held an Instalive session which was joined by Indian comedian Zakir Khan. Junejo admittedly a huge fan of Khan was awestruck. " Mera din bungi hai. Zakir bhai aap bolein mein sun raha hoon ( My day has been made. Zakir please talk Iam listening)," a humbled Junejo started the session.

To this Khan talked about how people in India including some of his family members are followers of Junejo. From there on Junejo talked about how Khan's podcast touched him on a deeper level and went on to urge the comedian to do the series once more. Meanwhile, Khan revealed that it was his little brother who introduced him to Junejo, and led him to follow the vlogger.

The comic then proceeded to tell Junejo that he's looking forward to what he does next, be it a Vlog or something else. To this Junejo replied " Mujhe eik nayi umeed milgagi ( I've found new hope),"

Towards the end, Junejo told Khan that people in Pakistan relate to his work and it feels as though they know him since childhood.

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