Modi poised to eliminate non-Hindu communities: AJK president

For BJP, India belongs to Hindus alone while Muslims and other faith followers are foreigners, says Masood Khan

​ Our Correspondent April 17, 2020
Indian PM Narendra Modi. PHOTO: FILE

MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan on Friday said that abolition of the disputed status of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K), making it part of the Union of India, change of domicile policy and introduction of many new laws are part of the ruling BJP party's plan designed to cleanse India from the followers of other religions particularly Muslims and to materialise the dream of Akhand Bharat (undivided India).

Under this plan, the AJK president said in an interview with an English monthly, non-Hindus would be eliminated in a systematic ethnic cleansing, and India would be turned into an absolute Hindu state.

"Although the civil society of India is raising its voice against the plan of the BJP and the RSS, it is helpless to block the Hindu fanaticism."

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The AJK president said that the civil society of India needs support and practical help of the international community particularly the civil society of neighbouring countries.

He said that the actions of the incumbent Indian fanatic regime have led to a grave human tragedy and it has become necessary to create awareness in the Western countries, and "mounting pressure on the governments of these countries, they are prevented from appeasing India".

At present, he maintained, that the Western governments are busy in appeasing India in different forms. "Despite voices being raised by media, parliaments and the human rights of the West, these governments are trying to hide the crimes against humanity being committed by the Indian government in Occupied Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Assam," he said, adding, "They are doing all this because they consider India a big market and have executed several trade and investment agreements with the country.

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President Masood went on to say that to the BJP and the RSS, India belongs to Hindus alone while Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and followers of other religions are foreigners or "non-Indians".

"The Indian rulers hate untouchables particularly the Dalit community who are considered as under-privileged Hindus in the Indian system."

Hindutva is designed to establish the supremacy of privileged Hindus and some people believe that this obsolete ancient concept can be defeated in the present age only through an international human rights campaign and the media, he added.

The AJK president also said that the Modi's party BJP, which is the flag bearer of Hindutva philosophy, enjoys the unconditional support of the RSS.

The RSS, he said, is the world largest paramilitary militia with more than 6 million members and volunteers, and being the so-called champion of religious, political and cultural rights of the Hindu community, it believes in achieving its objectives through violent extremism and terrorism.