Shaniera Akram is dumbfounded with Pakistan's fear of 'chipkalis'

According to her, the lizards protect humans from several diseases

Entertainment Desk April 14, 2020

Shaniera Akram maybe Pakistan's bhabi but at heart, she is still an Australian. In a recent tweet, Shaniera appeared rather bewildered with the prevalent fear of geckos, (commonly known as chipkilis) in Pakistan.

The social activist in a joking manner talked about how Pakistanis, despite facing horrors such as terrorism get finicky about geckos.

"I don’t get it, Pakistanis have lived through terrorism, widespread disease, horrific natural disasters, political unrest, famine and poverty. Yet you see one little gecko and completely lose your sh**!" she said.

Naturally people played along, with some responding to her comments by calling geckos 'our national foe'.

Some talked about how she let her inner Aussie out with the tweet

Her rant came as a response to actor Armeena Khan's tweet about being scared of geckos, which has since been deleted. "I hope I wouldn't run into these, Armeena had written as she shared a photo of a gecko.

In another tweet Shaniera had talked about how gecko's in many ways save human beings from different diseases.

"Guys, geckos are innocent lizards. They watch over us, eat our dengue mosquitoes and make malaria their dinner. Don’t hate them, they are our friends. Trust me, I’m from Australia, when there is a creature you have to worry about I will tell you," she said.

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