Mansha Pasha accuses Kangana Ranaut of using progressive values to gain popularity

She believes the Bollywood star only talks down privilege to gain a fan following

Entertainment Desk April 14, 2020
Mansha Pasha has been quite vocal on Twitter lately, sharing her stance on various things and calling them her "quarantine revelations."

The Laal Kabootar actor began by sharing her two cents on what  might happen post lockdown, considering how much people want it to end. She said, "I wonder if after all this is finally over, we might feel that real life is too fast, too noisy and too much and want to stay at home?"

Her second revelation posed an interesting question. "Wonder how long it will be until we can officially never ask this again: 'So how is your quarantine going'?"

In the third, Pasha elaborated on the toxic relationship she has with her cat. "She rejects the food I make for her. She will run from me when I give her love. But every now and then, she will lick my hand or sit on my lap and have me believe this is a meaningful relationship."

Amongst these random outbursts came her thoughts on the Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut and it was evident that Pasha does not like her. In a tweet on April 13, last night, she said, "Kangana Ranaut is a classic example of a woman who started off as someone talking down privilege to become a voice against nepotism."

Pasha then broke down the tactics she thinks Ranaut used to create her following and then exploit it. "She used progressive values to gain traction and ended up supporting a government that stifles all voices of dissent," the actor said, referring to Ranaut's unending support for Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

This is perhaps in reaction to an interview the Indian actor sat in December 2019, wherein she was asked about the controversial and discriminatory Civil Amendment Bill passed by the Modi government. She equated the protests that were being made against the bill to violence and called Modi "a true democrat."

The Panga actor had said, "When a person like him, coming from an underprivileged background (like myself) comes so far based on merit, than you need to trust him to make the right decisions. You can't go out burning buses and resort to violence when only 3-4% of you all are paying taxes."

Pasha continued to highlight how anyone who dares question people like Ranaut or Modi are accused of exploiting their privileges or being too privileged to understand.

"Everything that goes against their policy is deemed 'corrupt, anti state' and anyone who disagrees is deemed to be too rich, too privileged or too corrupt and someone who can't be a voice for the people."

She then concluded by saying, "One needs to be aware of the values they are using to further their own politics."

At the end of her series of quarantine revelations, Pasha also addressed people giving advice on mental health in these difficult times. "Please stop throwing around words like 'go seek therapy' on twitter, just to make a point. Mental health is not a joke."

Clearly, Pasha has been doing some serious schooling while in lockdown and we're hoping she keeps it up!

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