Insanely clever organising solutions to change your home while in quarantine

Ideally our homes would always look like an interior edit we see on Instagram, but these organisation tips will help

Entertainment Desk April 13, 2020
With our new reality of being confined to our homes, there's no better time than to do all that organising we have been putting off for months.

In a perfect world, our homes would always look like an interior edit on Instagram but with these organisation tips, we can get at least a little bit closer to that ideal.

Whether it be your kitchen, home office, or bedroom, we can all admit we have one or more drawers we have been avoiding, and now is the perfect time to give that annoying clutter a little TLC.

If you're looking to organise your home and aren't quite sure what to do or where to look, here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve that functional yet aesthetically-pleasing home.



It's time to de-clutter your bathroom once and for all. After all, how many times do you want to knock over your inconveniently-placed Q-tips in an attempt to rummage around for hairspray? Save your sanity in the morning and pay attention. Start by purchasing some clear containers for your bathroom drawers and organise all your products in there into categories. Invest in small, inexpensive products like over-the-cabinet baskets for shampoos and soaps and hair tool organisers. If you're short of space, attach wire baskets to your walls for simple yet sophisticated shelving.

For the kitchen 


Not everyone has a spacious kitchen to put a huge amount of appliances on, but fret not, there are clever hacks to keep your kitchen organised, clean and inspired. Give your pantry a supermarket makeover by following the 'first in, first out' rule. Basically, put the newest boxes and containers behind what's already open. Keep things organised with bins, labels and clear tupperwear.

How to improve your meal-prepping game while in quarantine 

Add 'drawers' into deep cabinets by keeping placemats, table-runners and napkins in durable plastic bins. And, no matter how hard we try, pots and pans are always a jumbled and noisy mess. Stack pans, cutting boards, lids, and baking sheets horizontally to limit any further future frustration. Fridge and freezer bins are also a must! Get clear ones to store items such as eggs, yogurt, juice and vegetables neatly.



In case you haven't noticed, baskets are the home innovation trend seen on almost every interior blogger's YouTube channels and Instagram. And for good reason! They are a great way to store things like blankets, pillows, toys, and extra bits that need to be out of way. Invest in some woven baskets and place them under a table in the living space, bedroom or office. Not to mention, they warm up a space instantaneously!

For the closet


Our wardrobes are probably the number one place where things get very messy very quickly, Not only does it makes your morning a little bit better when all clothes are organised neatly, you can also make it fun by colour-coordinating them. If you have limited space, try an inexpensive closet door and wall rack, which can store extra shoes, scarves, etc that are too bulky for the closet. Use shelf dividers, stackable shoe boxes and hanging organisers to make the most out of your space. Make sure to look after your clothes by ditching plastic hangers and opting for no-slip wire ones.

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