Is Iron Man making a comeback in new 'Thor' movie?

Director Taika Waititi hinted at it, but what's the truth?

Entertainment Desk April 13, 2020

If you're an avid Marvel fan, chances are that you know by now that Tony Stark is, well, history. However, director Taika Waititi seems to have something more up  his sleeve. But the question is, how true is it?

Waititi has managed to become quite the household name for Marvel lovers following his stint on Thor:  Ragnarok and also won an Oscar for Jojo Rabbit. Now, he is busy working on the latest Thor flick, Love and Thunder. Recently, he decided to share a snippet from the script from the same on an Instagram story, reported Cinemablend.

While fans had finally made peace with the fact that their favourite Avenger will probably not be gracing the universe anytime soon, Waititi's surprise showing of script sent hearts soaring among the fanbase!

During an Instagram live session, Waititi flipped through pages of Thor: Love and Thunder's script and fans fixated on a surprising part where it mentions Iron Man. While it had all the shock value, a closer look would probably put a damper - yeah, Waititi trolled the whole fandom!

The pages, as quoted by Cinemablend, read:

Thor: Tony?!

Tony: Wazzuuuuurrp!

Thor: You're back!

Tony: In the sack, baby!

Thor: But how? I saw you die.

Tony: Science. Also, Thanos is back.

Thor: Mother Frigga, no. So... we're assembling again?

Tony: Again, again. It's GO TIME. Everyone who died is coming back. And this time we're avenging even more than ever. From now on we'll be known as... The Avengerers.

There you have it guys, an elaborate gag by none other than the director himself! You've got to give this one to Waititi for really getting our hopes up.

So, how true is it that Iron Man will be returning? The answer would be, not at all!

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