Diplomatic assistance: US ambassador visits Edhi home

Humanitarian brings up tough visa policies.

Sabin Agha July 28, 2011


I am very optimistic about Pakistan-US ties because of the strong bond between the people, despite disagreements on various issues between the two countries. It is people like Abdul Sattar Edhi and his work for humanity that is a source of inspiration for both Pakistanis and Americans.

These were the words of US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter who visited the Bilquis Edhi home in Clifton on Thursday with his wife Dr Marilyn Wyatt and US Consul General William Martin.

When they first went inside the nursery section of the Edhi Shelter Home for 275 girls, the children seemed overwhelmed by the presence of so many “goras” in the humble surroundings. But when the diplomatic couple distributed Cadbury Milk bars among the children, giggles started to fill the room. “What Mr Edhi is doing especially for these female children is remarkable,” remarked Munter.

In the arts and crafts section, it was the children’s turn to reciprocate. They gave the ambassador a simple but heartfelt gift of one of their drawings. “Thank you so much for this,” he replied. “I will put this in my office.” And he was not the only one to be showered with such affection - in the crafts and skills section where half a dozen girls were learning henna art, one girl offered to colour Dr Watt’s hand in an intricate floral pattern. “This is so lovely!” she cried. “I am impressed.”

Later on, Edhi told Ambassador Munter about his visit to Waziristan and his encounter with the Taliban who he had tried to convert. “You are a very brave man,” replied the ambassador, “because of your work, you should not be scared of anyone.”

Taking advantage of the visit, Edhi discussed the problems his staff faced when it came to acquiring visas for international humanitarian work. He was assured that the ambassador would personally assist if called upon.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 29th,  2011.

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Mirza | 10 years ago | Reply

@moeed: It is hard to believe but the richest man in America has donated more than 99% of his wealth to charity. Not only that he and Bill of MS are convincing more than 60 richest people of America to donate one billion dolloras each. Can anyone who a single example that any rich person has given more than 99% of his welth to charity and not his family? He has lived in a modest home all his life. Without prejudices this is one of the reasons why America is so rich and blessed. The reason I gave this example is that common Americans can be real good humans like the great Edhi. If I have to choose one person or couple in Pakistan my choice would be easy, only Edhi! Instead of bad mouthing Nobel peace prize, we have to look into millions of $ that accompany it. How many poor kids can be helped by Edhi with that much extral money? He may not be hungry for a prized or recognition but the poor kids are! http://money.cnn.com/2010/06/15/news/newsmakers/WarrenBuffettPledge_Letter.fortune/ Thanks and regards, Mirza

moeed | 10 years ago | Reply

i dont understand why the us ambassador is involved in so much of these activities some times he is plucking mangoes from the fields and some times his wife is weeping on the rhymes of faiz but we know that they are working on the agenda which is against our country so what is the point of all this.

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