This 8-year-old Pakistani girl’s 'Bella Ciao' rendition will amaze you

As the new season of 'Money Heist' arrives, Kimaya Massey treats its fans with her voice

Asfa Sultan April 03, 2020

KARACHI: Waking up to 'Bella Ciao' on April 3, 2020, amid this quarantine is just what the world was looking for. But hearing this eight-year-old's version of the song was not expected.

This Pakistani protégé is the perfect blend of a soulful voice, innocence and a great Spanish accent. Kimaya Massey, eldest daughter of saxophonist Lenny Massey, recently popped up on social media for her rendition of the popular Bella Ciao - theme song of world famous Spanish Netflix series, Money Heist (La Casa De Papel).

The young singer slowed it down a notch, turning the pompous sound of the original song into a heart-felt ballad. The change in its tempo naturally made for a more complicated execution, adding several notes in a row while demanding a more controlled breathing. But it is safe to say that Kimaya hit the notes gracefully.

However, singing legato - Italian for connecting notes - is an important vocal skill the songstress seems to be learning, given that it is not as often required in genre's and sub-genre's of pop and rock. But provided that she started singing only two years ago and is just eight years of age makes her future, possibly, quite bright.

In a conversation with The Express Tribune, Kimaya revealed, "I started singing when I was six. I want to be a singer and my biggest inspiration in life is my dad."

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She also elaborated on her favourite subjects, artists and sang yet another song pitch-perfectly. "I love doing Math,"she said, "along with English, Science and Geography."

"I also love Ariana Grande, but I'll sing Ed Sheeran's Perfect," she giggled. After this she initiated her on-the-line concert making sure she was heard loud and clear. "I recently sang this in a wedding too," recalled Kimaya.

But she does not watch Money Heist, "No no, she's too young for that," her father intervened - making sure the message of taking ratings into consideration before letting your kids watch anything is put across.

"But I've heard the song and I started learning it. It's my baby sister's favourite song too," she said innocently. Not to mention, young Kimaya also knows how to play the piano and is currently learning the violin.

Here's hoping more of such talents are discovered along the way, because they certainly exist in every size and form. "I really want to be a singer when I grow up," - Nothing else? "No," she concluded without a doubt.

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