#Coronavirus: Tips on how to deal with anxiety in self-isolation

As we start taking strict measures to combat COVID-19, feelings of anxiety and stress can hit hard during quarantine

Entertainment Desk March 31, 2020

Uncertainty is a breeding ground for anxiety and stress. For those of us who have been home for a while alone with our thoughts and constantly refreshing the apps on our phones, quarantine hasn’t been easy.

This is especially true when many of us are not rushing to get dressed and out the door, we are now sitting with more time to take account of our feelings and thoughts.

While it may be difficult to stay calm or worry less, there are ways to help deal with feelings of anxiety while self-isolating. As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are some tips on how to focus a little more than usual on your mental health and well-being.

Take 15 minutes to actually get out of bed

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Now that you aren’t on a time limit, set your alarm for a little earlier than you actually have to be up and give yourself time to properly wake up. Take a few deep breaths in bed, sit up slowly, stretch your neck, back and arms and then finally get out of bed. Just this simple step in the morning will ensure you are slightly more awake every time you actually wake up. You could also try journaling first thing in the morning to help get your mind active and release any negative thoughts.

Shower immediately

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When you feel fresh, you feel calmer. Use an aromatic soap or body wash and shower in the morning. Once you get out of, use some perfume or a mild deodorant. Look for aromas like lavender, peppermint and cinnamon make you feel relaxed yet energised.

Do not skip breakfast 

With our routines all over the place, it is even more important than ever to stick to your mealtimes. Nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for people working from home. Instead of opting for heavy, hard to digest foods along with your morning dose of caffeine, opt for a bowl of cereal, oats or even a smoothie bowl. It will fill you up and also give you the right dose of vitamin and protein to get you through the day.

Plan your day 

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If you aren’t the type to mindfully sit and enjoy your breakfast, use this time to plan your day. Get a diary out and note down everything you need to do through the day. This will also give you a sense of purpose and make you feel less overwhelmed through your work-from-home day.

Skincare throughout the day

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Having a skincare routine will make you feel good, more energised and also organised. Not to mention, it's therapeutic. Now that you’re at home, ensure you take breaks every couple of hours. Walk around, wash your hands, apply aromatic hand cream, reapply your lip balm and even do a mask.

Just breathe

You’ve worked so hard to calm yourself, so just an extra two or three minutes of guided meditation would help you recollect your thoughts and increase your focus while you work from home. Try to breathe deeply, in and out, for five minutes if you experience spurts of anxiety at any given time.

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