Internet hits gold as Maria B memes pick up the game

The designer's clarification video is being used to poke fun at elitist sensibilities among many other things

Entertainment Desk March 26, 2020
Maria B and her husband Tahir Saeed's recent clarification video over their ordeal with the authorities has gone viral, albeit for reasons they perhaps didn't hope for. Not only did the video receive severe backlash and criticism on social media, but it also appears to have turned into a goldmine for meme-makers.

An instance in the video where Tahir could be seen coughing and Maria is seen majorly stressed out has become the symbol of elitist woes.

Several memes flooded the internet that poked fun at the upper-class getting worked up about day to day luxuries being compromised.

Source: Ali Camus Source: Ali Camus

Source: Hareem Fatima Source: Hareem Fatima

Source: Arbaz Baloch/ Pro Memers Pakistan Source: Arbaz Baloch/ Pro Memers Pakistan

Source: Nadeem Farooq Paracha Source: Nadeem Farooq Paracha


Source: Akbar Chaudry Source: Akbar Chaudry

Aside from bashing elitist sensibilities, the meme also became the ultimate template for disappointed desi parents.

Considering that the whole thing started off from the two allegedly showing irresponsibility with regard to the coronavirus pandemic, it's only fair that memes around local reaction to the disease came into play.

Source: Fasi Zaka Source: Fasi Zaka

Source: Ali Camus Source: Ali Camus

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