Women in Saudi Arabia practise new freedoms with gusto

Present generation is living in a golden age in the kingdom where gender will no longer be an obstacle

News Desk March 08, 2020
Present generation is living in a golden age in the kingdom where gender will no longer be an obstacle. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

After King Salman paved way for women to live independently by introducing new and revising existing laws, women in Saudi Arabia are relishing the new breath of freedom on the International Women’s Day.

Previously, Saudi women had to adhere to certain social rules implemented by authorities in power including the restriction to apply for jobs or travel without the permission or company of a male guardian.

However, in August last year, a decree signed by King Salman declared that women no longer needed permission from a male guardian for travelling, Arab News reported on Sunday.

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Proving as a life-changing moment for Saudi women, that decree less than a year ago, coupled with the 2017 ruling — enforced in 2018 — allowing women to drive and they are flourishing and becoming more active in the workforce.

Twenty-nine-year-old Aseel Blkhyour, an assistant consultant at the Ministry of Economy and Planning, shared the sentiments of most Saudi women.

“This International Women’s Day, Saudi women celebrate the new freedoms we have been granted. Freedoms which allow us to live. Freedoms we never thought possible. Thank you, King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

The current generation of young Saudi women, undoubtedly, are living in a golden age, where they can look forward to a future in which hard work and ability will take them far – regardless of their gender.

The story originally appeared in Arab News


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