Watch: Here’s ‘Why we don’t need Aurat March’

Adeel Afzal, Humera Alam's video reiterates the 'actual roles of a woman' in our 'prestigious' society

Entertainment Desk March 02, 2020

Actor, director and writer Adeel Afzal's recent video has gone viral on social media and people cannot help but laud the sarcasm.

Since the fraction that supports the idea that Aurat March is not necessary, played and shared it with great hopes and were hurt by the irony. Whereas the fraction that believes such protests are mandatory to remind the society of women's rights played it with great anger and were nothing less than impressed.

Titled, Why We Don't Need Aurat March, the video is a concept of Humera Alam and starts off by reiterating the 'roles of a woman' in our 'prestigious' society.

Adeel, who is the naysayer in the video, backs the roles he believes women should be playing by quoting various brands and ads, that project a certain image of what a woman is. Including what she should look like, wear, do and how she should do it.

"We don't need a march here," he says, "This is not Europe where people go around naked, our relationships have a name. Women have a certain stature in our society, why don’t you understand," He then mentions that stature. "You are a delicate bangle. You are an open treasure."

Adding that women should sit comfortably at home and watch dou takay ke dramay (second-rate dramas). They should cook with different Masalas, use various products to get rid of their body hair and attain an 'HD glow' with certain fairness creams.

Adeel grips the viewers attention by simply mentioning the surplus ads that play on our television 24/7, making our subconscious believe that this is what a woman is and does.

"You should wear lawn and look special, make Kheer for everyone and challenge Wasim Akram.  Make baby food and keep the germs away  so you can be a 'super mom'," he adds.

"Bear domestic violence and the irking  talks of your in-laws . Keep your men protected from the maids and give birth every year to a son - and if by default you give birth to a daughter, then grieve instead," says Adeel with disdain.

He then addresses the woman's will to marry out of her choice, "If you fall in love with someone, then prepare for being killed in the name of honour. And if you're a Hindu then run away and become a Muslim."

Following this he says, "Hold a cup of tea and then catwalk if you want. And if you want to make your country proud then do it with an item number."

All these roles are then followed by a series of questions, after which Adeel drops the sarcastic mic and makes some serious points.

"And after all this being provided to you, why would you want to go out? Do you want to prompt temptation? What does the world outside even hold for you? Men who will throw acid on your face if you deny their proposal? Teachers who will harass you? Men who will make your videos in secret? Colleagues who will blackmail you? Friends who will leak your numbers?"

"What did you say? You said you will speak up against rape? You will fight for your rights? With a few placards and loud slogans, who are you planning to wake up?"

He then concludes, "These people? The ones who refuse to open their eyes even after lifting the dead bodies of innocent children who had been raped? The ones who are deaf to the voices of those in trouble. You want to show them the mirror? They will not reflect and even if they do, then how will they be able to call this society a morally great society? Thus, there is no need for any march here."

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