Desi twitter in frenzy after 'Paratha' was called 'Asian flat croissant'

A Singaporean cooking website posted a 'Paratha' recipe under the title “Flat Asian croissant"

Entertainment Desk February 27, 2020

In this era of globalization, desi food has seen its share of fun at the cost of cultural appropriation – be it the west’s obsession with ‘Golden Milk’ aka Haldi Doodh or Chai Tea Latte.

Even the Biryani has been a victim of cultural appropriate – remember Marks & Spencer vegan biryani wrap?

But this week, it went too far. This time the target was our beloved Paratha!

A Singaporean cooking website, Nyonya Cooking, uploaded recipe of a Paratha and pegged it as the “Flat Asian croissant”.

Yep, you read that right. Our Paratha has been likened to a flat croissant. And well… people are pissed!

“In the wake of Asian Flat Croissant, I propose we come up with names for Western foods in a Malaysian context,” said one user.

Is it still a croissant if its super puffed up?

“… also known as not related to the croissant, not based on a croissant, not shaped like a croissant, not eaten like a croissant, and not a croissant.”

One user found a way out of making ‘gol rotis’

One Asian flat croissant with mixed sauce please!

We too are confused

And can’t wrap our heads around it

This is really just getting out of hand

A puffy Paratha, anyone?

Responding to backlash, the website clarified that it just wanted to make it “a fun title” to market the content “to make it more relatable for our audiences who are not familar with words such as canai, prata, parotta or paratha.”

“If you take some time to visit our website, the name (since publication in 2016) has always been how it is known in our region.”

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