10 ways to spend your Valentine's Day if you are single

Since its imperative that single-hood is celebrated just as loudly and proudly as any romance would

Entertainment Desk February 14, 2020

For those who are still asleep, free from the cares of the world, and those who are specifically dressed down, not even bothering to shower as they head for work, we have tips and tricks to spend (without avoiding) the day that must not be named.

But for starters, you really need to step into that shower..

Valentines day is a glorious time for all the love birds to really put out their best show (we're not saying it's not real). Except, similar to our statement, their intentions will often and always be judged by people like us (ones not fortunate enough to witness the pleasures of its glory).

Thus it is imperative that single-hood is celebrated just as loudly and proudly as any romance would. So if you're wondering how to do it, lo and behold! Here are five ways to spend your Valentines day without having a valentine.

1. Watch Mr Bean love himself and follow suit


2. Remind yourself of the small things in life, such as your short-lived relationships

giphy (1)

3. Think of bigger problems in the world, like poverty and Meray Paas Tum Ho possibly returning for a sequel


4. Say a prayer for Sunil Shetti from Dharkan


5. Listen to Mubashir Luqman's Summer Wines

6. Start a family in sims since you can't in real life


7. Do overtime at work, since you don't have a date waiting

giphy (2)

8. Order food for two and have a candle light dinner with yourself

giphy (3)

9. Start a twitter thread on how Valentines Day is just a money making scheme

giphy (4)

10. Remind yourself that arrange marriages are an option and be hopeful your valentine is out there dating someone else


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