Imran Ashraf speaks in support of viral 18-year-old newlyweds

It's 2020, but a consenting married couple is still being trolled on Twitter for their appearance

Entertainment Desk February 06, 2020

An 18-year-old couple is being trolled on social media since quite sometime now, that too for all the wrong reasons. From being mocked for getting married at a legal age, to being body shamed, the two have heard it all.

Users rallied to Twitter sharing videos of their marriage, a closed ceremony that went viral after the photographer, Moazzam Azam, shared their pictures on his page.

In a country where 21% of the girls are married before the age of 18 annually (according to a UNICEF report of 2013), for some reason, these young adults are being accused for marrying too soon.

Not only that, but the boy is being criticised for being 'too thin' while the girl is being mocked for 'looking like his mother', according to certain Twitter users.

At a point in life where these youngsters should have been garnering blessings, their fate is unfortunately being dictated by these users.

Some however, have spoken in favour for the newly weds, including Imran Ashraf, a popular local celebrity who schooled the critics.


"So now we will be the ones dictating whether someone's decision to be married is right or wrong?" asked Ashraf. "We have started barging into people's houses now! The internet has become such a court where everyone passes a judgement according their own level of frustration."

"They have gotten married, give them prayers, wish them well. May Allah fill their life with happiness," said Ashraf as he closed off his comment on a local outlet's post with prayers.

Nevertheless, some users also rallied in support for the couple.

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asad | 1 year ago | Reply Beautiful. Hope more people marry at a young age, they will have much more time of understanding each other. Plus, medically it is very beneficial for the girl (for example teenage marriage almost eliminates the chances of breast cancer in girls)
ak | 1 year ago | Reply Its not theirs fault for trolling this newly married couple. We are one eff'd up, deluded nation..........who got nothing better to do in life than speaking against other people, making a mockery out of them. After all our current state of affairs are a direct projection of who we are as people in general. I am not surprised......
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