Corruption costs Pakistan Railways over Rs4 billion: Report

Auditor General of Pakistan's report states bad management and negligence costs PR losses in billions.

Express July 22, 2011

ISLAMABAD: A report by Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has revealed misappropriations and embezzlement of over Rs4 billion in one year by the Pakistan Railways (PR) management, Express 24/7 reported on Friday.

According to the report presented in the National Assembly, PR had suffered a loss of more than Rs4.57 billion in violation of rules and regulations, in one year.

The report said PR suffered Rs407.2 million loss due to fraud, corruption, theft and misuse of resources while manipulation in accounting figures dented PR with Rs150 million.

The report says bad management, poor internal structure and negligence had cost PR Rs2 billion.

Earlier, the government had released Rs2 billion to avert an imminent crisis in Pakistan Railways. Senior finance ministry officials had told The Express Tribune that railway officials had sent a summary for immediate approval, urging the government to release Rs3.5 billion for fuel and workers’ salaries, adding that after due consideration, the ministry had released Rs2 billion on an emergency basis to avert a crisis.

However, sources said, railways officials have been told to improve their efficiency and raise funds on their own.


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Anam Malik | 9 years ago | Reply

Some spin doctors amongst the media are projecting the governmental corruption so vociferously round the clock. One is amazed to see the temerity with which they dub the government as totally corrupt. If one accepts this allegation even for a moment, these spin doctors have the cheek to trick the people by not showing the financial and accountability rules in vogue in the country. They portray a picture as if the President, Prime Minister and cabinet ministers roam around with bags of money. Some corruption is in every society but that does not mean that it is a free for all; the country is run according to the rules and regulations laid down in the constitution. Secondly, what about the establishment which remains well entrenched whether it is a democratic or dictatorial order? No one has ever asked questions to civil, judicial and Praetorian bureaucrats to present their accounts and prove their innocence. Not even our courts have ever taken a suo moto notice. The nation is still waiting to hear the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Mehrangate scandal whose skeleton has been rotting for years in the judicial morgue. Ironically, the talk of bringing down the democratic order is made at a time when the country is faced with multiple crises. Already the government was grappling with challenges posed by extremists. The devastation caused by the unprecedented floods was the last thing any government would ever think about. However, these challenges are not new to the PPP government or its leadership. It has always excelled in popularity at the time of a crisis because the party is deeply rooted amongst the masses. It has never looked toward the backdoor for support or power because it is the proud inheritor of Bhutto legacy that powers flows from the people and not barrel of the gun

MAHFOOZ UR RAHMAN | 9 years ago | Reply

China tested the fastest train in the world beating the Japanese bullet train . Not to be undone , the Japanese developed another faster one . But our trains beat the Chinese and Japanese trains in speed . They reach Peshawar from Karachi in three days . aLL sorts of complaints are being heard against the Pakistan Railways .

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