Huawei confident in defending against US sanctions in 2020

The US move to put Huawei on the Entity List

APP January 22, 2020

SWITZERLAND: Huawei is confident in defending itself against sanctions from the United States in 2020, said Ren Zhengfei, founder of the Chinese company.

The US move to put Huawei on the Entity List last year, banning the company from sourcing the US technology didn't have a significant impact on Huawei, because the company had made preparations, Ren said at a panel discussion in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Ren said the company is anticipating more sanctions from Washington, which might cause some problems for Huawei, but the impact would not be significant as well.

Huawei through its years-long development is in fact "very pro-America," said Ren.

"Huawei became so successful through learning most of its management from the United States."

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"Since our founding, we hired dozens of US consultancies to teach us management. Through the success, our entire system in fact resembles that of the United States, which should be proud, since its export (of its model) contributes to our development," Ren added.

Ren said the United States is unnecessarily over-concerned about China, which is still in a start-up stage in terms of science and technology.

The United States is used to being Number One in everything, he said, adding that when somebody else does well in something, the United States grows uncomfortable.

He added that Huawei is a company that started from scratch and used to be poor but went on spending considerable resources in research and development, as well as building alternatives to US technology.

Speaking on artificial intelligence and other technologies' impact on the human race, Ren said the progress of science and technology will bring more benefits to society.

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"First and foremost, we should see that the development of technology is not for bad, but for good," said Ren.

"Humanity will be able to use new technologies to benefit society, instead of destroying society."

"Because the majority of people in society aspire for a good life, instead of a miserable life."

He does not believe the world will divide into two camps, as applications of science and technology can be diverse, but at its core, there is only one set of science.

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