Mahira Khan urges Shireen Mazari to form a policy against child rapists

From Zainab to Hooz Noor, the actor continues to remain vocal about the ongoing child abuse in the country

Entertainment Desk January 22, 2020

Popular actor Mahira Khan has asked the Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari, for an update on the Zainab Alert Bill via social media. The celebrity has been vocal about the matter since last year, as she continues to try and provoke authorities into doing something about the increasing number of child abuse cases in the country.

Khan and Mazari have been discussing the Zainab Alert Bill over Twitter since December, when the former asked the politician to "make an example of these monsters." Her recent tweet, however, requested for an update on the promised policy, following another tragic rape incident.

“Dear Shireen Mazari, it’s been two weeks. Is the policy ready? Another beautiful child raped and murdered," Khan tweeted, reminding us all of the rampant brutality against minors in light of the recent rape of an eight-year-old from Nowshera.

"How many more would it take?" she added in a rather stern manner. "Please, please come down hard on these monsters!"

A police official had told The Express Tribune about Hooz Noor, who went missing last week. Her body was recovered on Saturday night from a water tank in a field. Later, medical reports from a local hospital confirmed that the minor had been sexually assaulted, the police added.

Mazari had presented Zainab Alert Bill in Senate earlier this year. It calls for the recovery of missing children.

Prior to this, Khan and Mazari had been exchanging notes on Twitter. "Make an example out of these monsters. Make an example out of these monsters. Make an example out of these monsters. Make an example out of these monsters," said the celebrity four times. "For God’s sake. For our children’s sake. For the sake of the religion we believe in and for the one they so wrongly claim!"

This was followed by open responses from Mazari. "We have to enforce the laws, which we are doing and these monsters have been caught. But the real issue is to prevent these horrendous crimes which requires awareness and changes in mindsets. We have started these programmes for the first time, especially among parents, children, teachers etc," said the minister.

She then added that the Zainab Alert Bill had been passed by the Standing Comm and it should be tabled in the National Assembly and then in the Senate soon.  "As much as we would like to simply catch these monsters and publicly punish them, the government has to work in accordance with the the law. But we need to prevent the crime of child abuse," concluded Mazari.

Khan appreciated her quick response, adding that a more swift action should be taken and more noise should be made against the issue.

"Thank you for responding. Also a request.. A loud and clear message should go out to these predators."

More than anything else, it appears Khan has always been vocal about child abuse cases on social media. She once tweeted about how the power lies in the hands of rapists, as opposed to law makers.

A user's tweet was shared by the Verna starlet. "Minor gets raped over a 100 times, people end up blaming the parents for sending the children to Madrassas. Adult girl raped,  people end up blaming her dress. Man gets raped by a man, people end up blaming his 'masculinity'. Will these beasts, these rapists, ever be held accountable?" it read.

To this Khan responded, "No never! Because in all these cases, power lies with the rapist."

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S Zafar Iqbal | 5 months ago | Reply | Recommend Castration for the child molesters and sexual predators. The proposed policy for dealing with child molesters should include a deterrence. Anyone convicted of sexual violence especially against children has to be castrated.
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