Khalid Malik's psychological training challenges social conditioning of men

The host's new venture aims to diminish their emotional blocks

Asfa Sultan January 16, 2020

KARACHI: Radio host Khalid Malik recently uploaded invites on his social media, calling all men to take part in his online psychological training programme. The coaching programme, named 'Be Alive,' aims to "diminish mental blocks in men by unlocking their inhibitions and making them more accepting and expressive of their feelings."

In a conversation with The Express Tribune, the RJ explained why it was more important to talk to men about their feelings than to women.

"When women sit together, you will notice the thing they talk about the most is their feelings. However, the social conditioning of men prevents them from doing that. We all know that the belief that men are strong enough to withstand whatever comes their way is wrong - But no one knows what to do about it."

Malik continued to explain how suppressing emotions eventually leads to men becoming self-destructive or destructive altogether. "They not only harm themselves but those around them as well."

With respect to that approach, the post went onto say, "Are you ready to make a profound shift in your well being, identity, relationships and effectiveness? As men, we are called to 'toughen' or 'roughen' up. We are told we really can’t be emotional or show our emotions. Anything that goes against this idea of 'manliness' deems you a wimp or sissy."

The local celeb then added how he is "an expert at making mistakes in life," and opened up about his personal downfalls, the way he would like his possible mentees to. "I have made mistakes in my relationships, career, health, and as a result, I got used to showing up in the world sub-optimally," Malik confessed.

"I left home in my early 20's because I wanted to do it on my own. I have been divorced a couple of times and I recognised what I was doing wrong. I have switched my career paths many times because I was simply lost and confused. I have been financially broke many times...and the list goes on."

He added that his success or failures depended on the functioning of his mind and so he wanted to share with his fellow men, how regardless of all the rough patches, he spent 20 successful years in the world of showbiz  and 10 years in the corporate sector'.

"I want to shift the thought flow of men from worry, angst and fear to an optimal, managerial state. My training will release their dysfunctional habits, making them better aware of themselves," explained Malik.

After subscribing, the training programme would be a one year long, one-on-one coaching experience and the individual would get the opportunity to have two detailed sessions in a month with the coach.

As for women, Malik also revealed that he received several complains about females having to face similar issues. "Thus, I have also launched a five week programme for all the women out there," he exclaimed.  "Considering my schedule at the moment, I have limited spots available for this program. So email my team and let’s do this!"

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