Mehwish Hayat trolled Tarek Fatah like a boss and Twitter's loving it

He shared a BTS from 'Load Wedding' portraying it as a real-life event

Entertainment Desk January 15, 2020

A clip from Mehwish Hayat's film Load Wedding did rounds on Twitter after Tarek Fatah posted it as a real-life event. This led to the celebrity clapping back at Fatah.. like a boss!

The video is part of BTS from the film, showing the part where Hayat walks door to door distributing polio vaccine, in response to which a woman starts shouting at her.

"What is your problem?" the lady responds to the polio worker in the video, "I will not get my children vaccinated for polio, never! My children will get diarrhea after that and I do not have the money to go back and forth to the hospital. These drops are worth Rs 800 right? get me groceries worth that much instead."

Fatah tweeted the video with the text, "Pakistani mother slams the door shut in the face of Polio workers. Screams at the two female volunteers."

Being shot from a phone on a rooftop with Hayat facing away from the camera, it is difficult to tell if it was a leaked video or something from the film's actual BTS. The voice of the actor is also not audible.

However, Hayat left no chances to school Fatah in getting his facts straight before commenting on a matter.

"Thank you for giving your two cents on the matter but please verify the source before posting next time," said Hayat as she pulled the verbal trigger. "This is a scene from my movie Load Wedding with me playing the polio worker and that woman being an actress," she continued.

"Through the film, we were raising awareness of the issue and I'm glad to see our performances were so convincing," concluded the star as she fired the verbal bullet.

Twitterati could not help but add to the thread, mocking the misjudgment further.

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