New Year resolutions: Yay or nay?

This 2020 what is the New Year's resolution that you intend to follow?

January 14, 2020

As the New Year approaches, we all are quite ecstatic and tend to look  forward to new beginnings. Some of us like to make New Year’s resolutions, sometimes by scribbling them into a journal, posting them on the refrigerator or just repeating them to ourselves in our head. Lose weight, quit social media, cut out toxic people from your life, mediate more… blah blah snooze-fest. These are all good goals, don’t get me wrong. We set the same New Year’s resolutions every single year and then never really stick to them. Let’s take a sneak peak at our list which we definitely intend to follow… fingers crossed!

  1. Work out to feel good

Instead of obsessing over the scale, obsess over how amazing you’ll feel when you start being more active and fit. Work towards a steady and a healthy lifestyle rather than focusing on the numbers because at the end of the day numbers don’t matter… your happiness does. #Cheers2020!

  1. Spend more time with the people who matter

Life is short, so stop wasting it on insincere, duplicitous and toxic people. Instead, spend time with loved ones who genuinely care about you the most, and stop taking them for granted. This year take an oath to remove all the negativity that is making you lousy. #Cheers2020!

  1. Learn a new language

Not only will learning a new language help improve your communication skills, it will also look fab on your resume and possibly open up new doors for you. Whether it’s personal or professional, a new language always comes in handy. #Cheers2020!

  1. Keep it healthy - but with a hint of a flair

Lose 20 pounds, this has been one of the most popular resolutions of all time, so, of course it had to make its way onto our list. Being food junkies, it’s funny how we keep thinking to ourselves that we will be able to pull this off, haha! On a serious, we do agree that eating healthy is vital, but so is ordering a scrumptious cheesy pizza. Sigh! foodpanda is making it SO hard for us to keep up with our health regime. They are currently offering up to 70% off on 6000+ eateries, so there will always be a restaurant to support your hunger cravings. (6)

Whether its Mexican food from Burridos or the Xtreme 12 incher cheesy, fluffy and creamy pizza from your favourite restaurant 14th Street Pizza, foodpanda has got you covered. To satisfy your hunger pangs, if pizza is not your style, why not try double the number of wings and burgers you can have from YOYO with 50% off. In case you have a sweet tooth like us, foodpanda has got you sorted with flat 50% off on Dunkin Donuts and a staggering 30% off on Kababjees.

This just doesn’t end here; they have a plethora of discounts and amazing deals going on under their ‘Cheers 2020’ campaign which anyone surely shouldn’t miss. With offers as good as these, it seems a bit impossible to stick to this New Year’s resolution. Here's to making 2020 the year of food.

Talking about food is our favourite past time, we can go on and on about it. However, making a New Year resolution list, not so much! On that note, our new mantra is to welcome 2020 with open arms by sticking to realistic goals, being positive and focusing on overall well-being. Cheers 2020!


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