Faysal Bank sparks innovation by introducing new products and services under Islamic banking

Faysal Bank Islamic Banking fulfils all of your personal and business needs with their Shariah compliant solutions

Faysal Bank unveiled its refreshed Islamic identity in line with its vision of becoming one of the leading Islamic Banking franchises in Pakistan.

Faysal Bank’s recent overhaul of its brand identity shows the bank’s intention to play an active role in the growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan. The bank offers their customers the benefits of true Islamic banking and fulfils all their needs while staying true to the principles of Shariah Compliant, Riba-free Islamic Banking with full transparency, peace of mind, spiritual and financial harmony.

Faysal Bank Islamic Banking’s latest campaign ‘Barho - Yaqeen Ke Sath’ highlights the bank’s journey towards becoming a top Islamic Bank, with a focus on providing technology driven solutions to facilitate its growing client base. Their latest campaign is inspiring customers to explore the new realms of Islamic Banking.

Let’s have a look at the bank’s campaign:

Faysal Bank's reinvigorated brand identity was a result of over six months of deliberations, discussions, and, of course, marketing and design savvy execution. Commissioned to the D'Hamidi Partnership — the branding agency that also developed Faysal Bank's erstwhile identity 10 years ago — the refreshed brand will be the ambassador for Faysal Bank’s eclectic objectives.

In pursuit of becoming a full-fledged Islamic bank that offers ground-breaking solutions to its customers, Faysal Bank Islamic launched a new array of products specifically designed to cater Islamic financing requirements of their corporate, CBSME, agri and consumer finance customer base. Backed up by the latest technology and seamless customer service, Faysal Bank aims to carve a niche in Pakistan’s Islamic Banking sector.


With its breakthrough in innovation in the Islamic Banking sector, Faysal Bank capacitates its message of delivering value and excellence, by testifying to be the best, in the deliverance of quality to its customers.

Here is a list of the products and services offered by Faysal Bank Islamic:

  • Murabaha

  • Istisna (local and export)

  • Trade department related facilities

  • Tijarah

  • Running Musharakah (equity participation)

  • Diminishing Musharakah financing

  • Salam

  • Islamic export refinance based on Murabaha, Istisna and RM.



All the products and service used/offered by Faysal Bank are subject to approval of Sharia board, Board of Directors and concerned authorities. Faysal Bank Islamic’s Shariah Board comprises qualified Muftis who oversee the business of the bank and ensure its compatibility and compliance with Shariah principles.

To find out more about their best-in- class products and services, visit their official website or the nearest FBL branch.