3 fashion trends that are suddenly making a comeback

These trends are bringing casual chic back in a big way

December 21, 2019

It’s no secret that fashion trends are recycled time and time again, typically returning after decades. Some trends from the early ‘10s are already making a comeback with the biggest fashion retailers stocking up on classics reminiscent of the start of the century.

It also helps that the biggest names in fashion are vying for a ‘00s and ‘10s return.

Here are 3 trend from the first two decades of the century that are bound to be just as fashionable again as they were back then.

1) Neon colours

Photo: Elle

Neon outfits had a moment of fleeting glory right before the ‘10s hit and, just as brightly as they had appeared, disappeared. Now, they’re making a huge comeback with high profile celebs and their siblings (Yes, we’re looking at Kim and Kylie) rocking body-con neon outfits on more than one occasion!

2) Statement combat boots

Photo: Who What Wear

Combat boots were a staple in the ‘90s and were all over the place in early ‘10s. They seem to be making a second comeback, replacing slinky heels. Spotted on fashion powerhouses like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, this one trend is ready to come out of your shoe closet.

3) Animal prints

Photo: InstagramThe

If you’re a fashion aficionado, you’re no stranger to animal prints. They burst onto the scene in ‘00s and ran well into the early ‘10s and show no sign of stopping. Be it coats, bags, slides, and even leggings, animal print is back in a big way, specially leopard and snakeskin.


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