'Laal Kabootar' director's new short film explores Partition through a lullaby

The first short film of web series 'HOME1947' is now out

Entertainment Desk December 20, 2019

"The river Ravi flows seamlessly through both nations," claims Beila, the latest directorial of the Laal Kabootar duo, Kamal Khan and Mo Azmi. It stars the film and TV actor Faiza Gillani as a mother, with the story based on the time of partition.

Produced by Gali Films, it is the first short film of the chronicles HOME1947 by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC), according to a press release.

SOC Films - Kamal Khan - HOME1947 - Beila [F] (10)

It explores the journey of a mother lulling her baby to sleep on a crowded train amidst the chaos of 1947. It marks the uncertainty by creating a fear of the unknown, along with establishing the fear of what has been experienced through her memories.

The only dialogues are spoken by a man who talks about the loss of his family on the very train, before the mother comes into the scene.

SOC Films - Kamal Khan - HOME1947 - Beila [F] (6)

HOME1947 is a series of 7 short films conceptualized and produced by SOC Films, which aim to recreate the long-lost sights and sounds of what millions once called home.

It promises to tell the stories of the millions that were displaced in 1947 during the creation of two new independent states, India and Pakistan. While also exploring this world through the eyes of those who lived through it -  and not the conceived notions of a historian or politician.

SOC Films - Kamal Khan - HOME1947 - Beila [F] (5)

The series was first premiered as part of the HOME1947 Exhibition at the Manchester International Festival in the UK followed by exhibitions in Mumbai (India), Lahore and Karachi.

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Bunny Rabbit | 4 years ago | Reply I don't understand this concept of partition. IT was not done due to any fights it was done to facilitate similar interests. both counties have minorities . who and what is stopping them from having cordial relations . who is instigating them to fight for what reason. all this mutual animosity is self made .
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