’s Pakistan Property Show: A blessing for real estate investors

Explore how’s Pakistan Property Show helps broaden investors’ portfolio

December 05, 2019, hands down is Pakistan’s ‘pioneering’ real estate portal in every sense you can imagine. Over the years, since its public launch in 2006, the website has successfully cultivated high levels of public goodwill in a sector that was previously marred by much consumer-confusion.'s great popularity with overseas Pakistanis is particularly noteworthy. Moreover, it has caused local realtors, many, who are now cherished company affiliates, to become commercially dependent on its state-of-the-art online listing services. The company has relied on a plethora of its self-launched initiatives such as the Pakistan Property Show (PPS) that has proven pivotal to its growth and outreach.


The company’s signature exhibition, Zameen Expo, is considered to be the largest and longest running real estate show that Pakistan has ever witnessed. As per the statistics of 2018, a total of 720,000 visitors had attended the portal’s 14 site exhibitions since the inaugural show of 2013. The exhibitions were held in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Dubai.

In 2017, Zameen Expo organised its first ever Pakistan Property Show Dubai, which alone attracted up to 14,000 visitors. Reportedly the event was one of a kind that exclusively exhibited Pakistani property, and simultaneously managed to achieve the highest footfall figure.

Unrivalled real estate investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis

Owning land, of course, is akin to laying one’s roots and purchasing shelter for when the rigours of old age should strike. And when given the chance and the monetary resources, who can afford to pass-up on such an offer? One of the major reasons for’s local market success, among many, has to do with the platform’s usefulness for overseas Pakistanis. Many of these individuals settled in the gulf, yearn for the opportunity to buy some property in their home country.


Hence, the corporations decision to host the event in Dubai is smart for several reasons:

  1. Overseas Pakistanis form the second largest community in the UAE – a huge number estimated to be around 1.5 million people

  2. Over the years, this large community of expats has made its fair share of contributions for the home country. For example, during the Fiscal Year 2016-17, remittances from the UAE amounted to a total of $4.33 billion; the second highest funds-received figure recorded by the Pakistani government for any country during the period. These contributions form a significant portion of the total investment made in the country’s real estate sector on an annual basis

  3. Eligible overseas investors, as such, are normally always on the lookout to secure their money through property acquisitions back home

The ‘Fair Timing’ Advantage

The Pakistan Property Show Dubai introduces these investors to properties from cities across the country including, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Gwadar. This, oftentimes happens when the locals themselves are first made aware of the existence of these purchasing options, thereby levelling the playing field substantially for everyone interested.

According to, the last Pakistan Property Show Dubai, held in 2018, featured nearly 60 real estate exhibits – most of which were managed by real estate agents, consultants and developers.

At the event, the Pakistanis living in Dubai were given the perfect opportunity to scrutinise and evaluate the properties that they wanted to invest in, without having to physically visit their site locations. Further, they got the chance to question the developers and real estate consultants at length to figure out whether these options actually matched their specifications or not.

Best and most secure investment options

A consequence of the Pakistani real estate market’s acclaimed ‘mysterious character’ is that the ensuing complexity often tends to be used as a smokescreen by some. Misrepresentation becomes a real possibility. If buyers don’t fully understand the market, whatever the sellers put forth can become the dominant, accepted trend.

BeFunky Collage, to a large extent, changed this dynamic. The company makes the effort to ensure the security of the projects that it markets to the public. This means that the projects exclusively marketed by always come with the appropriate approvals by the relevant government authorities. People, therefore, can invest in these ventures with a high degree of trust, whether they approach a property option through the company website or a large-scale exhibition.

The Pakistan Property Show, being held for the third time in Dubai on December 6 and 7 at Za’abeel Hall 5, Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, is expected to bring a record number of real estate exhibits to the table this time around.

So, if you’re interested in securing a good, local property deal and broadening your investment portfolio, now is a good a time to gear up for the show.




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