Fake vaccine project: Government suspends Dr Shakil Afridi

Dr Afridi ran a fake hepatitis campaign in Abbottabad, to provide CIA with DNA samples of bin Laden's children.

Express July 16, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The government has suspended Dr Shakil Afridi from his job for allegedly assisting CIA in its covert operation against Osama bin Laden, Express 24/7 reported on Saturday.

A departmental inquiry has been initiated against Dr Afridi, who is already in the custody of intelligence agencies.

Sources said the doctor ran a fake hepatitis campaign in Abbottabad, to provide CIA with DNA samples of bin Laden's children.

A British newspaper, Guardian, reported that the CIA launched a fake vaccination drive in Abbottabad to gather the DNA information of bin Laden’s family. It said that Khyber Agency Surgeon Dr Afridi arranged a private vaccination campaign under the pretext of a CIA programme to trace the al Qaeda leader in Abbottabad.

Action was initiated against him and some other provincial health department officials for running a fake hepatitis vaccine campaign.

The United States is reportedly asking Pakistan to release the doctor so that he and his family could be transferred to America as a reward for helping CIA.



Aleemuddin Qureshi | 12 years ago | Reply

Based on facts spread over almost 61 past years USA is deadliest enemy in the guise of a friend, so much so that the saying,"If one has friends like U, there will not be any need for enemy." or in the words of Ghalib, " Huay tum dost jiske; Dushman uska aasmaN kyouN ho?" Seniors would remember very well the stories we read in our primary class books around 30s in which two friends were travelling through forest when a bear appeared and one of them left the other alone and climbed a tree to save only himself from the bear. The other who was abandoned by his friend deemed it wise to lie down on the ground and hold his breathing so that the bear reckon him as dead. The bear came to this man, sniffed for some time and then went away. After departing the bear the man stood up and in the meantime ther other man came down from the tree and asked his friend as to what the bear was saying to him. His friend replied,"The bear was telling me that a friend in need is a friend in deed and asked me to keep away from such selfish friend, who abandone you when you need them most." In another story a lamb was drinking water at a brook, nearby there came a wolf and very angrily told the lamb that he wants to drink water too so it should stop making the water muddy. The lamb replied that when the water is coming from your side to my side then how can I make the water muddy for you? On this the wolf growled and said your father too did made me angry with its stupid disbehaviour, sprang on the poor lamb, tore it to pieces and ate up. True to the foregoing, USA abandoned us in 1965 and 1971, kept us on false promises of help and left us helpless at the time of dire need and we suffered irreparable loss merely because of relying on a false friend (USA of course!) Secondly as per the morale of the other story USA is repeatedly asking us to do more and more for it in the so-called war against terrorism. On the other hand USA is having most intimate ties with our arch enemy India (although India was an ally of its arch enemy USSR. I reckon that the USA is our deadliest enemy and we must guard our self-respect and sovereignty by keeping away from USA as much as possible as it is the mentor of the axis of evil in unison with India & Israel. It is fact that Zardari & Gilani are bought-up slaves of US establishment they are rather agents of CIA. Have they done any single act for the benefit of the 98% of our masses?? Not at all for sure; on the contrary they did everything for the benefit of the corrupts/criminals and exploiters rater enemies of Pakistan. They are the corruptest, have done acts of high treason by lying to the Parliament and the people at large and hence are not reliable and deserve no mercy at all. They must be brought to book sooner the better.

MH | 12 years ago | Reply

People can overreact if they'd like to. But, the man didn't harm anyone. The only damage has been paranoia caused by loose lips. Again, just like the arrests before him, it can not be called treason unless he acted against Pakistan. If he is guilty of treason, it's a confirmation of them intentionally hiding OBL. Pick one. Lets let peoples minds get made up on where everyone really stands. Such actions will no longer be debatable and appropriate action can be taken. If Pakistan was hiding OBL, then yes, you're completely within your interests to imprison the man. If not? It's just a side effect of questionable actions taken by the government which has lost the trust of its citizens. They're still helping a supposed ally. Another choice is to officially announce the US is not viewed as an ally. That will also justify the action. The government can easily end all confusion regarding these things. If you're doing what's right, no need to hide it.

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