Twitter Alert: Anger, frustration as Karachi suffers aftermath of Mirza's statements

People vent their anger and frustration as protests take center stage in Karachi, where cars are burnt.

July 14, 2011

With protestors taking to the streets, burning tyres and effigies, protesting statements of Zulfiqar Mirza late Wednesday night, many took to the social network website to voice their opinions.

Some thanked the opportunity to spend time with their family, while others vented their fury over the law and order situation in Karachi resulting from the sparring between the political giants.

A round-up of a few tweets below:

tammyhaq For all practical purposes we have no government Karachi shutdown being held hostage ransom is Zulfi Mirza will the PPP pay or govern?

abbasnasir59 Old MQM slogan: Jo Quaid (not Jinnah) ka ghaddar hay, woh mot ka haqdaar hay. But ZM isn't a traitor. He was never in MQM. He's just stupid

ijazulhaq ​Pressure mounting on PPP. Karachi and other Sindh cities engulfed with rioting MQM workers.

FariehaAziz Why do people think DHA/Clifton are not affected by street crime, violence or anything else that plagues other parts of the city?

madeehasyed Shahi Syed to Zulfiqar Mirza: "Murshid marwa he diya..." #Karachi

@fasi_zaka: Maybe its time to handover Karachi to Mathira.

zainabimam Cousins from outside PK in #karachi. Kids are like what the hell is going on. All they've seen in 2 weeks in this city is crazy fighting!

SundusRasheed Thank u zulifqar mirza and mqm for letting me have a lovely day at home with my family #alwayslookonthebrightside

@jhaque_: Cloudy skies and about 30c in #Karachi - chances of Inquilab 90%

faisalqureshi Each and EVERY politician should get down on knees and commit harakiri for what they've done to 180 million people. Shameless lot.

ammaryasir @salmajafri If this was any other (real) democratic country, ZM wouldve been fired for his racial outburst. A one liner is not enough.


MAHFOOZ UR RAHMAN | 10 years ago | Reply

He is a bad cop. Zardari , Gilani , Qaim Ali Shah and Manzoor Wassan are good cops

Saman | 10 years ago | Reply

In these times when we need unity the most..Racists like him are spreading differences..Why can't we be just Muslims and Pakistanis???

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