Beards insulted: Maulvis to move blasphemy case

Barelvi clerics issue fatwa condemning a newspaper AD of the Population Welfare Department which insulted the beard.

Express July 12, 2011


Thirty Barelvi clerics on Tuesday issued an edict (fatwa) condemning a newspaper advertisement of the Population Welfare Department which they said insulted the beard. The clerics said they would submit an application with the Lower Mall police on Wednesday (today) for registration of an FIR under the Blasphemy Laws against the officials responsible for publishing the ad. The edict stated that the ad offended hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

It said the provincial government would be responsible for any unrest in the country in case an FIR was not registered in the case. Some of the clerics endorsing the edict were: Allama Razae Mustafa Naqshbandi, Allama Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri, Mufti Abdul Aleem Sialvi, Allama Dr Muhammad Raghib Naeemi, Allama Dr Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali, Mufti Muhammad haseeb Qadri, Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi and  Allama Sheikhul Hadees Mufti Abdul Sattar Saeedi.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 13th, 2011.

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M.Khan | 9 years ago | Reply @Cruiser People like you distort the faith because you you cannot speak Arabic and have little or no religious education other than what you have been told by the "illiterate" mullah himself! How is the beard the "core" of the faith? It is a sunnat to wear it by all means, but simply wearing a beard does not absolve you of your sins.I am astonsished at the stupidity of some of the posters here who suggest that simply because someone has a beard they are pious.Karl Marx had a long beard and he was the most famous of atheists.George Bernard Shaw had a long beard and was another famous beard. Secondly, where does it say that something has to be answered in the harshest possible way.The Holy Prophet's life and sunnnah are quite the revers, as he was the most tolerant and kindest of individuals. You talk of beards please tell me what was the minister of religious affairs Kazmi doing fleecing poor Haji's and pocketing millions, he had a big long red beard!! You are like the blind leading the blind..........
Cruiser | 9 years ago | Reply

@M.Khan: Even a slightest sign of disgrace towards anything that relates to the 'Core of Religion' must be answered in the harshest manner, no matter how much it disgusts the offender. A mere human filled with blood and filth has literally no right and justification of disagreeing with anything 'The God' has made sacred. Every sign and commandments must be respected in a strict adherence according the code of conduct decreed by the supreme deity. This is the way acceptable to The God, this is the way acceptable to the Prophets and this is the way acceptable to the one who shall die as believer.

So, if guidance is not chosen for them. Curse be upon those sinners ...

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