Mansha Pasha slams comparisons between Pakistani celebs and Kate Middleton

"The fact that women are judged by their outfits and not their achievements is a burden," tweeted the star

Entertainment Desk October 16, 2019

KARACHI: Laal Kabootar starlet Mansha Pasha recently tweeted about Kate Middleton and Prince William's ongoing trip to Pakistan, landing in hot water after calling out those glorifying the Duchess for wearing  Pakistani clothes.

According to the actor, it does not make sense for people to compare and criticise local celebrities for wearing western clothes abroad while praising a foreigner for dressing as per protocol.

"As much as I'm loving seeing Kate Middleton in desi outfits, it's getting tiring to read, 'Pakistani actors should learn how to dress from her.' The 'gora complex' doesn't mean you start criticising your own actors. Also, she is a royal and has to dress as per protocol."

Following her comment, many users started piling up on Pasha's timeline. "It's not about 'learning how to dress.' It's about why you don't promote your culture? Why you prefer following the West? Everyone around the world should proudly wear their own culture and traditions!" quoted an angry user.

To this, Mansha said that people in the UK do not feel threatened by Kate dressing modestly in Pakistan, while the locals start feeling paranoid about their culture being 'abandoned' when celebrities dress differently.

The actor continued to pick out another comment of a user, who accused celebrities "stripping down in the name of 'showbiz'." She pointed out how male celebrities can post shirtless pictures and get away with it, because people's 'hypocrisy' prevents them from judging the same situations, similarly. Meanwhile, women are deemed 'strippers'.

One user highlighted how the Duchess of Cambridge would be treated if she wore shalwar kameez in the UK. "Britishers would feel that she is not following their culture, which is exactly what we feel when you people wear western clothes in Pakistan!"

To this, Masha said that the dress code in Pakistan for offices is coats,  which are also Western. But no one protests against that. But when a women wears a Western outfit, she is told to dress differently for the sake of "culture and religion."

The matter finally subsided, when the actor tweeted against another particular response, which misjudged her entire point by claiming the actor implied that covering herself was a 'burden'.

The starlet said women are constantly judged by their outfits and not their achievements, which is a burden.

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