Molty Foam sues Diamond Supreme Foam for using the phrase 'Papa Jaani'

Who's the daddy now? seems to be the million-dollar question that this brand war will answer

October 11, 2019

Earlier last month, Diamond Supreme Foam billboards started popping up around the major cities with a single sentence advertising their brand.


“Dear Papa Jaani, I have switched to diamond supreme foam. With love.”

The text on the billboard advertisement was quite evidently taking a jibe at a competitor Molty Foam's advertising campaign that has for years used the phrase 'Paapa Jaani' to market the product.

The jibe and the campaign viral and it turned out, that the fabled Papa Jaani commercial is apparently trademarked, and the phrase cannot be used elsewhere.

Regardless of Diamond Supreme's witty take at the 'father-daughter-mattress-selling-tactic" it received a copyright infringement notice from PEMRA, claiming that Papa Jaani is in fact, trademarked.

What made the matter even more hilarious, was that the court immediately accepted Molty Foam's complaint.

As of the latest legal proceeding, Diamond Supreme has been banned from running the campaign and ordered to take down the advertisement.

However, surplus users took to social media and mocked the whole issue, referring it to a petty corporate warfare over who's the real 'daddy'. While others lauded Diamond Supreme for their creative move.

"A very much a coward move by Moltyfoam." tweeted one user, "Can anyone explain this company what Brand War means? Maybe their minds are not capable of understanding. Hats of to Diamond Foam's creative team for taking a jab at MoltyFoam"

"Height of advertising! DiamondFoam's reply to MoltyFoam's traditional ad," quoted another.

Whereas some, called the reference 'disturbing'.

To sum it all up, this one spoke the hearts of millions.

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