I understand why people preferred 'Sacred Games Season 1': Saif Ali Khan

Published: October 9, 2019


The Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starrer Sacred Games became widely popular due to its gritty storyline. With a massive cliffhanger by the end of the first season, the second installment was released recently. However, it did not sit well amongst the hit crime thriller’s Pakistani fans, who slammed it for depicting a “shallow plot against Pakistan.”

Saif has now said that he isn’t particularly happy with the audiences’ response to Sacred Games 2 either.

“I am not as happy as I was with the response to part one,” he said, while comparing the two seasons in an interview to Bollywood Hungama. “I think some people found it a little different and it was always going to be a little different. It is called Sacred Games and it is about a guru going on about things. I have a spot boy whose opinion I  value a lot. His name is Heera and he said, ‘I think this season got a bit out of hand’.”



Talking about the ending that left Mumbai seconds away from a nuclear holocaust, Saif added, “I was okay with the ending because it doesn’t make a difference – either it blows up or he saves it. I quite like the show; it was differently placed.”

He stated, “The first season had some crazy things – Cuckoo’s character and the development of my character. Vikram Motwane really nailed it as a director. Second season, the climax could have been…. I like it but I can understand why people preferred the first one, that’s the vibe I got.”


He also spoke about his film Phantom – which was banned in Pakistan over questionable content – and why it failed to work with the audience.

“I have my own issues with Phantom – one is the end that was changed. I wish I had the understanding to think about it more and could have told it to Kabir (director Kabir Khan) that don’t change the end; this guy has to get the salute of his men. We changed the end, killed him and gave that salute to Katrina,” Saif said.

“Another thing is my hair were too bad, I should have had a military kind of haircut. Unfortunately, I was shooting another film and that is something that will never happen again. I regret that.”

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