Pakistan expects US to share intelligence regarding Zawahiri: ISPR

ISPR statement issued in response to Leon Panetta, who believes Zawahiri is living in Pakistan's tribal areas.

Express July 10, 2011

The Pakistan army expects US intelligence agencies to share with it information regarding Ayman al Zawahari and other high value targets, an Inter Services Pubic Relations (ISPR) spokesperson said on Sunday.

The ISPR statement was issued in response to US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta's statement that he believed the head of al Qaeda Ayman al Zawahiri was living in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

The ISPR spokesperson today (Sunday) said US intelligence should share its findings with Pakistan to enable the Pakistan army to carry out targeted operations in the region they believed militants were seeking refuge.

The spokesperson added that the army is already carrying out intense operations against al Qaeda and its affiliates who are a threat to the security of Pakistanis.

"This includes pursuit and targeting terrorists leadership and high value targets," added the spokesperson.

Panetta had said he believed Zawahiri was living in Pakistan’s tribal areas, and “he’s one of those we would like to see the Pakistanis target”.

Al Qaeda has named the Egyptian surgeon, and the group’s long-time number two Zawahiri, to succeed Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a May 2 US commando raid on his compound in Pakistan.


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Alert | 9 years ago | Reply

That, Pakistan, will cost $1.5 billion. - US tax payer

SW | 9 years ago | Reply

Perfect example of the "cooperate with us but don't expect us to cooperate with you" mindset that never fails to prevail over anything else.

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