The Vault: Ombre

Sana and Tanzil Amin unlock their vault

October 11, 2019

Having studied marketing and accounting, sister duo Sana and Tanzil Amin let their creative juices flow and ventured into the world of jewellery designing. They share with us some interesting details about the exquisite jewellery inside their vault!

When did you realise you wanted to pursue a career as jewellery designers?

To be honest, even though we are came from marketing and accounting backgrounds, our creative bug has led us down this path of designing a bespoke jewellery line for traditional and modern women! With an undying passion for stones and hues, we started to get our creative juices flowing to create fashion jewellery designs highlighting various semi-precious stones displayed in versatile designs. As jewellery designers, we aim to create timeless pieces with a contemporary vibe. In 2015 we launched Ombré in Karachi at a private screening for family and friends. Ombré was an instant hit, and things have never been the same. We have been designing bespoke pieces for clients all over the world since.

What are your favourite pieces of jewellery and where did you get them from?

Our all-time favourite has got to be the firoza and pink agate gold twist wrap from our first launch. Being a versatile piece, it can be style in various ways and adds the right amount of oomph to each look. It was our best seller as it was considered a day to night statement piece among clients. The best part is pink agate is the stone that imparts courage and enhances self confidence - and that is what Ombré stands for – for the women who wear it!

How do you decide what you want to create?

Like designers all over the world, we take inspiration from international fashion trends, jewellery tradeshows, and personal experiences while vacationing on family trips. By continuous insight into evolving market trends and an in-depth design process with our suppliers we strive to create impeccable designs for our customers. Our trip to Turkey in 2018 was very fascinating. We saw the most exquisite stone crusted jewellery designs. This journey motivated us to create many upbeat fashion accessories and steered us towards success.

Is there a piece of jewellery you are emotionally attached to and why?

Yes, for sure! The kundan and baroque pearl string has a great sentimental value for us as we created it especially for our mom. It was the perfect adornment for our mother as she usually wears an abaya and the embellished neckpiece enhances the beauty of the whole attire in a modest fashion. This piece of jewellery will always stay close to our hearts as it was a positive reflection of our creativity to suit our mom’s personal style.

Share a story with us about how you acquired one of your favourite pieces?

Our favourite has to be ‘The Khaleesi’ neckpiece from our upcoming collection. Designing this necklace was quite a challenge as we had to blend old world charm into a fusion statement look. It is comprised of multiple components which had to cohesively work together to implement the design. We used a broad, woven, gold mesh chain as the choker and incorporated an encrusted black agate piece to strike a bold combination. To soften the look, we paired it with pastel pink stones and baroques. The finished product was overwhelming as we saw a vision turn into reality!

Is there anything on your radar that you want to get or make in the future?

Our focus for the future will be to showcase our brand in various platforms across evolving markets. Our brand ranges from classic must-have pieces to funky contemporary accessories. Women of today place great value on the fusion aspect of jewellery as it can be used in versatile ways. We are looking forward to incorporate mother of pearl and natural shell stones for our upcoming collection.


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