FM frontiers: Reaching out to remote areas with radio shows

Pakistan’s first radio webcasts launched from Bahawalpur, to promote literary and cultural activities in the area.

Kashif Ansari July 08, 2011


Social, cultural and literary circles in Bahawalpur have appreciated upgrades in the Radio Pakistan network in Bahawalpur.

A large number of people in Bahawalpur have lauded the special attention taken by Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation director general Murtaza Solangi over promoting local art and culture shows on two new radio stations FM-93 and FM101 launched this year.

“There are some exciting new developments in Pakistan Radio and we will soon be switching to the new FM stations to replace the existing MW Radio station being broadcast here” Solangi said. Solangi said that radio could prove an effective means of disseminating social interest messages and programming and that he endeavoured to revamp the image of radio. “The new stations will be clearer and can be accessed on the internet, cell phones as well as transport radio sets. We can reach a much wider national audience through radio than television and that is why it is of the utmost importance to make the best use of this medium,” he said.

Initial transmission of Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur can now be accessed on the Internet all over the world at the website from 6.59am to

11.15pm with the two-hour daily break from 11.15am to 12.59pm. The Friday regular transmission will resume from 11.15am to 3pm.

Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur is the first Radio Station of the country which has been connected to the Internet. “This is a great achievement and it means that people all around the world will have access to this programming,” said local performer Murtaza Baig, adding that this landmark was only achieved because of the efforts of Solangi, who had taken a keen interest to promote radio content in remote areas. “The people that most desperately need information and social-interest programming are usually based in remote areas and do not always have access to television,” Solangi said. Solangi also said that he was determined to promote local culture and art in the Bahawalpur district.

Last month, Solangi announced an ‘Outstanding Category for the four leading Radio Artists’, including two singers and two Musicians. Solnagi said that the Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur administration had been allowed to link its regular transmissions to the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

“The on-line access is key to promoting our culture and I hope to introduce programming on Sufi literature and poetry, news and sport. There will also be radio dramas and music,” he said.

Solangi said that a Digital Music Recording Studio would be set-up in Bahawalpur with the collaboration of the Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan to promote and preserve the Cholistani Folk Heritage. Residents in Bahawalpur said that the two new radio stations,FM-93 and FM-101 would help many people secure jobs and would also help promote local artists. “It has already been very encouraging and we are just at the early stages because several local acts and theatre people have auditioned to lend their voices to radio dramas,” a Bahawalpur radio staff worker, Sajid said.

FM-93 will work as a Community Broadcasting Station to essentially promote Cholistani culture, Community development and youth programming as well as provide opportunities to promote literary and cultural activities in the area. Solangi said that FM-101 will air regular programmes on education, news and entertainment along with shows on religion.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 9th, 2011.


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