‘India is Pakistan’s most important neighbour’

PM Gilani said he hopes India will have a more positive attitude to dialogue with Pakistan.

Express July 06, 2011

SWAT: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said that Pakistan views India as its most important neighbour and hopes to resolve all outstanding issues in a peaceful manner.

This statement was made by the prime minister during the counter-terrorism conference held in Swat.

Gilani said that Pakistan desires a result-oriented process of dialogue with its regional neighbours and hopes to resolve all issues including the “core” issue of Jammu and Kashmir with India.

The prime minister added that he hopes India will have a more positive attitude to the dialogue.

“India will have to play a more positive and accommodating role to respond to Pakistan’s legitimate security concerns,” he added.

He also emphasised Pakistan’s willingness to maintain peaceful talks with India, adding that “India will not find Pakistan lacking in will.”

While discussing Pakistan’s role in the war on terror, Gilani highlighted that 30,000 civilians and over 5,000 troops have lost their lives to terrorism.

He also added that terrorism has been a great financial burden on the economy.

Referring to Afghanistan, Gilani said that “a stable, friendly and peaceful” Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s best interest. He also said that Pakistan hopes to see an “independent Afghanistan without external influence”.



Bhola | 11 years ago | Reply

@ Ashok

Hahaha just as your security agencies dealt with the mumbai attackers?? You make me laugh. Your army and security agencies can only kill unarmed stone pelting kids, rape women but when it comes to protecting their country, they run with their tail between their legs... Your army can only sell their weapons and make money, and their corruption is growing at 80% toooo

hahahaha I cant stop laughing, my belly hurts, hahahahaha

Dalit Hindu | 11 years ago | Reply @Manoj: We will do none of that. Don't lecture us. Remove the root cause, Kashmir. lecture will not serve you anything when innocent Kashmiris will be killed each day by the hands of your terrosist Army, let's remove the root cause. Otherwise fighting with effects will never gain anything, Can you tell us what are these hate speeches everywhere in open all over India? Stop this nonsense first with in your own terrorist frontiers . And do not return here until then. Good bye, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7D-kcayBL0
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