Twin Indian Kashmir blasts wound nine policemen

First a grenade was hurled, ten minutes later another device was set off when cops came out to investigate: official.

Afp July 06, 2011

SRINAGAR: Suspected rebels in Indian Kashmir detonated two blasts outside a police station on Wednesday, injuring nine officers in one of the disputed region's most volatile towns.

Hospital staff said four of the policemen were in a critical condition after the morning attack in Sopore, 55 kilometres north of the provincial summer capital Srinagar.

The officers had rushed outside the station after a grenade was first set off, only to be hit by a much larger improvised bomb placed inside a parked scooter, a Sopore policeman who declined to be named told AFP.

"Ten minutes after the grenade, the militants set off the second device when the cops came out to investigate," he said.

A paramedic at Sopore hospital said nine policemen had been treated for multiple injuries and splinter wounds. Four seriously injured men were then sent to Srinagar for specialist treatment.

Police also said an officer who was targeted in a militant attack on his home in Srinagar last week died of his injuries on Wednesday.

Militant groups in Kashmir have fought against New Delhi's rule for more than 20 years, killing police and soldiers in the highly militarised Himalayan region.


sam | 10 years ago | Reply

@Hedgefunder: im glad to see that that is the only reason why you think india and israel are not alike.. mumbai attack.. oh plz what was ur army and navy asleep when the so called paki millitants crossed over?? pls fool someone else...

india is every bit as sick as israel for the countless number of innocent lives it has taken to persue its own hiden agendas....

secondly.. you our biggest neighbour??? ok this is hilarious pls go consult the world map first... lemme give u a clue our biggest neighbours name begins with a C and ends with an A :)

you continue to further prove through your lack of wisdom.. lack of tolerence for all things pakistani and muslim that you my friend are a true racist... do not talk to me about radical islam when you yourself are an extremist....

i dont care for your opinion... the loss of lives in kashmir... indian arms killing of muslims there is SICK! and if you dont have the gutts to admit to it then thats just sad... atleast we pakis admit our flaws.. acceptance is the first step towards rectification.. you dont even ahve it in you to face reality...

@ET theres nothign offensive about this comment it should be posted!!!

sam | 10 years ago | Reply @let there be peace: oh all knowing pls do tell is you army and intelligence sleeping while these ghost millitants cross border from pakistan? STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE IN KASHMIR AND BLAMING PAKISTAN FOR YOUR MURDERS... india has had a bloody history when it comes to minorities just read any of your own news papers for a chnage and youl know...
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