Ananya Panday thinks 'The Godfather' is overrated and Twitter's having a laugh

Published: August 17, 2019


Ask any Hollywood fan as to which is their favourite gangster movie, and there is a nine out of ten chance that the answer would be The Godfather.

But for the young Ananya Panday, the daughter of actor Chunky Panday, The Godfather is not impressive enough. The starlet, who had made her debut opposite Tiger Shroff in Student of the Year 2, thinks the film is highly overrated, according to Pinkvilla.


Now it is okay for Ananya to think The Godfather is overrated, considering that different people can have different opinions about a film, no matter how big a masterpiece it is. Like Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane is considered as one of the finest films made in cinema, but it was trolled for being boring in an episode of FRIENDS.

But Ananya’s reason for calling The Godfather overrated has nothing to do with her not liking the film. She hasn’t even watched the movie, and that’s what makes it overrated!

And Twitter cannot keep calm.

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