General Ziaul Haq: The cause of Kashmir and Afghanistan

Published: August 17, 2019


In the Afghan war of 1845, sixteen thousand men of the strong British Army suffered complete annihilation at the hands of brave Afghans on Afghan soil with only one survivor – a doctor by profession.

He was given this new lease of life only to enable him to tell the tale of their death and destruction to their masters – the British Crown – which he did.

The lesson learnt by British Raj was that “never to indulge in any kind of such venture again”. This makes us understand the plight of the United States (US) Army in Afghanistan.

In the rugged Afghan territory, the mighty US forces have failed to make any significant impact and their casualties have run into thousands.

The US wants a safe and honorable or at least a face-saving retreat from Afghanistan. In this, Pakistan alone can help it achieve this aim. India can be of no use at all.

The mutual bonds of trust and honor built over the years by General Ziaul Haq with the Afghan Mujahideen are too strong and deep to be disturbed by Indian handiwork. The religious bonds unite the two sides. Indian intentions and efforts cannot weaken this bond.

Afghan jihad at the very outset had no material support or backing from any country. Soviets occupied Afghanistan to access the warm waters that’s its age-old aspiration. Thus its ultimate aim was to subdue Pakistan.

Erdogan is to Turkey what Ziaul Haq is to Pakistan

The motivated young boys of Kabul University stood up to the challenge and caused a halt to this advance. For two years, they single-handedly put up insurmountable resistance.

In 1981 the US entered the arena and helped Afghan resistance militarily and materially. Pakistan was only funneling and channeling military aid.

Afghan jihad ended with many dividends and the Soviet exit from Afghanistan. Pakistan was able to defend its goals without firing a shot or losing a single soldier.

The Soviet Union could not keep its entity and was fragmented.

With the communist yoke weakened, these states tasted and demonstrated for the first time their religious freedom.

The German nation got united. A brick of Berlin wall, reportedly the first one symbolizing demolition, is in the custody of Pakistani forces.

The success of Afghan jihad has rejuvenated the Khalistan Tehreek in India where the Sikhs rose in rebellion.

Why Ziaul Haq should not be forgotten

Reportedly, the Government in Pakistan that followed, had surrendered to Indian pressure and handed over to India a list of the movement’s leaders. This enabled India to crush the movement.

However, the movement is still in its stead and moving for success. The Sikhs have not forgotten their leader Bhindranwale nor the massacre that followed.

I hold it firm that any just and legitimate movement cannot be suppressed by any amount of brute force.

After the end of the Taliban government in Kabul, it was felt that it is the end of the Taliban factor. But many were convinced that the US will soon realize its follies and will seek parleys with the Taliban.

Soon, the world saw the Americans in negotiations with Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef. A convict of Guantanamo was being begged for forging peace.

Despite the death of 1.5 million Afghans, the US is yet yearning to seek a negotiated and safe exist.

Oppression of Kashmiris by India is causing serious concern globally.

With the Kashmir Policy, pursued by General Ziaul Haq the movement was ripening and had entered a decisive phase.


The role of General Ziaul Haq in making Pakistan a nuclear state is an established fact. It was because of his efforts that Pakistan conducted its cold test in the Mountain Range of Keraan near Sargodha on 13 March 1983.

Following this, the Chaghi nuclear tests were conducted in May 1998.

Only a few of us would know that the miles-long tunnel used for May 1998 explosions had been constructed and made test worthy in March 1983. Further decisions were halted due to obvious reasons.

This capability and its achievement had emboldened the president of Pakistan to warn Rajiv Gandhi that India will be wiped off from the face of the earth. This was not mere rhetoric but was backed by military preparedness.

This frightened Rajiv Gandhi and Indian leadership and the Indian Army which had been deployed against Pakistan in threatening posture was swiftly withdrawn.

The nuclear issue had remained a bone of contention between the US and Pakistan. General Zia ul Haq withstood every pressure and never compromised on this issue.

Once a high powered US delegation of senators visited Pakistan to press for their demands. They met the president and demanded that the senators be briefed to their satisfaction through ground evidence.

The satisfaction of these senators will pave the way for Pakistan’s military assistance. In those days the military aid was tied down to the presidential certification.

Recent moves by India on Kashmir have endangered the world peace.

The global powers should take cognizance of the situation. Pakistan has to play a pivotal role in every sphere of diplomacy and other skills to address the situation.


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