Sacred Games' story to end after season 2

Published: August 10, 2019


Remember how the makers of Game of Thrones disappointed fans globally? Well, if recent reports are to be believed, Sacred Games’ showrunners might encounter the same fate soon.

According to Hindustan Times, Vikramaditya Motwane has revealed the crime thriller will have concluded the story of author Vikram Chandra’s novel by the end of the upcoming second season. So what does one do when they run out of a story? “You make your own,” he said.



Motwane acknowledged the Game of Thrones strategy, which saw its makers Benioff and Weiss divert from author George RR Martin’s novels even before the show had overtaken the books.

“There’s so much that we’ve done which is (not in the book),” Motwane added, providing the example of actor Kalki Koechlin’s character, which is a brand new creation.

Actor Saif Ali Khan, who plays the cop Sartaj Singh in Sacred Games, had said in an earlier interview that he isn’t sure about where the show will go post season two. “This story ends at the end of this season. So I don’t know if they will extend it. (But) There is always scope for more,” he mentioned at the time.


And Motwane agreed. “Should things go on we’ll make things up,” he added. The film-maker has relinquished his position as a co-director this season in favour of focusing his attention singularly on running the show. “Vikram was consumed by Sacred Games for more than two years,” said executive producer and co-director Anurag Kashyap, welcoming Motwane’s decision.

The hotly-anticipated second season of Sacred Games will be available to stream on Netflix on August 15, following a year of fevered anticipation after a breakout first season.

Motwane said that Sacred Games’ success ‘escalated the optics for streaming shows’. He concluded, “The more shows that there are the better it is for the industry. The writers are busy and if they are busy, then the actors are too.”

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